Production & Mastering

I record, mix, remix, and master material for bands and solo artists.
I use both digital and analog equipment to create a finished product that meets the expectations that clients have for their song(s) or album.
I am not only a producer.
I am also a musician with over fifteen years of experience, and can perform on your song or album, if necessary.
In addition to using Cubase 9 Pro, I have an array of instruments and equipment that are available for clients to use on their song(s) or album.
Pricing is based on time and labor, and is negotiable depending on what services you require.


“Trangulls” by Ourselves, Alone




“If Time Is Circular, I’ll Be Forever” by The Planet You


ice artisans
“Ice Artisans” by The Planet You

perennial 4

Remastered Perennial’s “The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves” for Vinyl (not yet released.)


“These Will All Be Stories” (Remix) for Wess Meets West